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T-shirt design 2011
German Book (german/english)
The T-Shirt – everybody knows it, everybody owns it. It’s as well a piece of clothing as it is a billboard for music, films, brands – or for the person who wears it itself. It transfers messages and expresses opinions. The ultimate T-shirt is a self-designed original. Submit your latest deigns, shapes and colours to our Cube-Catwalk!
Format: 125 x 125 mmca. 672 Pages, ca. 700 Images, DEU/GBRHardcover,ISBN 978-3-939998-73-0
DJ-Toney RadioActive
DJ-Toney Tokyo Sounds
Greeting cards design 2011
German Book (german/english)
Regardless if it’s the standard paper card or its digital equivalent, greeting cards are indispensable as well in private as in business life. Of course modern greeting cards have little in common with those old-fashioned flowery-types, but there have been highly interesting developments also in this field of work.
Format: 125 x 125 mm
ca. 672 Pages, ca. 700 Images,
ISBN 978-3-939998-76-1
009 DJ-Toney single Action 4 tha groove
027 Raygun
038 Orbital-Cat
045 Red Tiger
049 Bridge
060 HA¥
113 Message ON a bottle
114 Aung Jasmine
120 Skate
Label & package design 2010
German Book (german/english)
Wrap it up, unwrap it, and wrap it up again. In one form or another, we have to deal every day with packaging, There’s almost nothing that cannot be wrapped up. There’s special packaging for almost everything – consumer’s goods, clothing, food, even plants and living animals. The perfect packaging is rounded off by a distinctive label. Some are merely functional and plain, some are inventive and more aesthetically pleasing. A much more interesting and rewarding field of work than one would imagine! Therefore, we’ve collected the best works in the field of package & label designs – realized or not – in 2D, 3D, as a photo or just as a sketch. How would you wrap it up?
Format: 125 x 125 mm
ca. 700 Pages, ca. 700 Images,
ISBN: 978-3-939998-31-0
Label Collectable
Blister RedAnt
T-shirt Design 2008
German Book (german/english)
With the partner for this special project, we found one in Europe’s largest online seller of T-shirts: „Spreadshirt“. The results of this collaboration are shown in this cube. The best, most original and most distinctive styles for the individually styled shirt!
Format: 125 x 125 mm
ca. 700 Pages, ca. 700 Images,
ISBN 978-3-939998-20-4
DJ-Toney flames
DJ-Toney Japanese text
DJ-Toney RadioStar
Pie Books
Pictogram and icon Graphics 2 mei 2007
Japanese Book (japanese/english)
Full-loaded with the latest pictograms found in various countries such as UK, Germany, France, Spain, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Poland, Croatia, US, Canada, Brazil, India and Japan. Signage, floor guides and maps in airport, railway, hospital, department store, zoo and many more. Also contained wide variety of icons, including those found in catalogs and magazines, etc. Many images of actual examples of such pictograms and icons help the readers to analyze the intention and effectiveness. This title is a second version to “Pictogram and Icon Graphics.”
Format 306×230mm
Pages 208 (Full color)
Binding Hardbound with Jacket
ISBN 978-4-89444-585-7
All For Site Pictograms and infographic
Halt Haaglanden Pictograms
IMAC Pictograms
Magazine Webdesigning april 2006
Japanese magazine about webdesign and graphic design IMAC infographics
Pie Books
Best Informational Diagrams 2 april 2005
Japanese Book (japanese/english)
Graphs, charts, maps, schematics… a collection of the latest in graphics that visualize complex information thus making it easy to comprehend. This wide range of diagram masterpieces from around the world documents the state of the art.
Format 305x230mm
Pages 224, 208 in Color
Binding Hardbound with Paper Jacket
ISBN 4-89444-392-9